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Why Your Skin Should Love Honey

Written by J Crystal Profit


When Does Your Skin Love Honey? When Honey is a Work of Love!

A small amount of raw honey is added to the Joy Energy herbal cleanser and an even smaller amount is added to the Freedom Skin Energy herbal cleanser. Those formulas are magical!

However a large amount of honey is needed for the Love Energy herbal cleanser and the reason is quite simple: Honey is a work of Love.

Let’s talk Love!

Love Skin Energy vibrates strong during the spring season. It creates flow and abundance in the Earth; and beautifully nourished and hydrated skin within all the Earth’s children. Linking to this powerful source is simple when you look within. Meditation and calm moments in the warm sun surrounded by flowers calls the love within your spirit to flow strong. This flow directly links to your central nervous system to give your cells the energy to flow to regenerate in abundance.

Water is essential to your beauty and wellness. Even more are food and herbs that help you to utilize your water intake to the fullest! And HONEY is my favorite!

How honey improves your beauty and wellness

Using small amounts of honey in your warm herbal drinks or replacing sugar with honey in your favorite teas will help you stay hydrated versus dehydrated from the cellular energy needed to process the added sugar in your bloodstream.

Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory, a natural antioxidant, and rich in phytonutrients. It is a powerhouse of microorganisms that fight off pathogens in a healthy body and skin.

Honey is an awesome humectant that draws water to it keeping you hydrated and feeling good. Honey on your skin calls your Love from within.

Your skin is calling for Love with some honey when you feel dehydrated (water loss--not oil). When you have the urge for something sweet to eat, skip the treat and bring on an 8 oz glass of warm alkaline water and a teaspoon of honey. *Drink up! Apply a pea size of your “Love Skin Energy” herbal cleanser with moisturizer and relax: your spring energy is beginning to bud.

Honey bees: a work of love.

Bees are amazing! They work effectively in community groups improperly called “colonies” by you know who…. They create flight maps and build precise geometric shapes to house honey, workers, eggs, and feed their own community group of bees.

Spring is very important for bees. It’s the beginning of their build. Without bees you would live without plants, herbs, and so forth. The ecosystem of Earth would be disrupted and life would change as we now see it.

Help the Bees and expand your Love.

You can help bees in your city by limiting or simply avoiding the use of pesticides in your outdoor gardens, including grass and play areas. Find natural and herbal remedies for keeping unwanted insects away.

When you really love honey and you have some extra space, create a beehive for a new family of bees to move in. You can also donate to your local nonprofit that supports bees and making sure they thrive in the not so friendly pesticide ruled cities surrounding them.

Love Skin Energy Care

In a community of bees you have:

  • Queen bee
  • Mating Bee (called drone: male)
  • Worker Bee (usually female)
  • Cleaners (keeps hive clean)
  • Undertakers (buries the dead)
  • Nurses (cares for eggs)
  • Builders (builds hive)
  • Fanners(cools hive)

These roles are relative to the community. It forms relationships with other bees. Question: What relationships have you formed in your community and is it one that evokes Love from within you to nurture you?

Love Skin Energy is all about relationships especially your relationship with self. See you as Love and allow yourself to make all movements and statements within Love energy emanating from your soul/spirit that elevates your soul/spirit.

Learn more on Love Skin Energy Care and the 5 Energies of Skin© to become your highest state of beauty and wellness because, “In your skin is where you begin!” Jah Crystal

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Gratitude for reading!

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*Please refer to your nutritionist or healthcare provider when you are diabetic.



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