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April Fool's Day Fooled YOU!

Written by J Crystal Profit



So you think it’s April Fool’s Day where you can play pranks on others without regards, hahahahaha!!!! How funny!!! It is for the most part. Although, have you ever stopped to think who’s really the fool here? The fool just might be YOU.

Truth Skin Energy from source screams every spring because most living beings within our world walk against the natural vibration of our Terra Earth. The animals and plants will move naturally so when uninterrupted by beings according to spirit law and follow rhythm with hope, ease, and liberation representing Truth Skin Energy from source.

So, April 1st is called the day of fools because all beings are programmed every year to receive January 1st as the new year according to the Gregorian calendar implemented into this realm we live in. When in fact and in harmony with primordial life within our Terra Earth April 1st actually begins the new year: 10 days after the spring solstice equinox. And as a reminder to my readers please refer to my past blog on winter energy called Kwanzaa Blessings: January 1st actually begins christmas during the winter solstice. So to all newbies of my sacred herbal esoteric news: 10 days after every soulstice a power move is made within the season according to the primordial rhythm of our Terra Earth.

Oh yeah and by the way: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Today is April 1st our new year.

Now, when you are without honor of this blessed occasion it shall affect your beauty and wellness in a degrading sense. How is this possible, I’m sure you’re thinking? How does a seemingly harmless little “holiday” affect your overall beauty and wellness? My one word answer is: Regeneration.  

Now, let me further explain:

Everything follows the universal law of rhythm within this realm because the world we live in embodies the elements of the Terra Earth and the universe regardless of how this realm came into existence. So you can argue about creation or you can argue about a big bang; it really don’t mean a thang! Cause it ain’t got no swang!! Dowop, Dowop, Dowop, Dowop, Dowop, …..hear the rhythm within that?

The rhythm of life within our Terra Earth is called seasons (the word season vibrates: look within the soul or matrix/womb/source of the soul. Matrix and womb are interchangeable as they represent a portal for the soul. Matrix is generally used to define an artificial way of creating. However no hands are able to create a soul. Energy; yes as this energy can animate a physical body, yet the body will be without a living soul. We’ve seen the profound atrocities of this type of creation in movies, the most famous one is called “Frankenstein”.).

So understand, each season (autumn, winter, spring, summer; those are your seasons!) vibrates an energy and frequency within the realm to keep a healthy cycle or flow of and within our environment.

With that information, understand this clearly: all matter is made up of atoms. Your atoms form what scientists call living matter and non living matter. However, in esoteric classes all matter is living. Some matter is organic emanating from source and some matter is inorganic emanating from the hands of another. So, first you must recognize there are 2 forms of science: One form is to trap you; and One form is to liberate you. I think you’d prefer the science designed to liberate you. It’s called esoteric because it’s taught in secret. As you may have noticed I’m being very public. Why?

Well allow me to introduce my presence to you! Blessed Greetings, I’m Jah Crystal primordial femme creator of the Terra Suns and Moons. My purpose is to liberate and elevate beautiful and blessed souls of the Terras Suns and Moons trapped within this realm. You think I’m kidding? Sometimes I actually wish I were. That’s how real this is!

The Terra Earth is called non living organic matter in school science because in secret it’s understood this is a realm created upon stolen ground of a quarantined section within the actual Terra Earth. Our surroundings are cloaked from reality. So because the realm is viewed as an artificial matrix (womb--explained 4 paragraphs above), it is called non living meaning without a soul or life force emanating from source only having source material. This people is erroneous. This is my fancy way of saying: that’s just wrong! This world we live in is still very much so directly linked to the living soul of Terra Earth and we feel the energy of our Earth every day through the seasons. Terra Earth is living matter. Terra Earth changes and grows and is expressed through all that is linked to Terra Earth and linked to the source matter (called YHWH).

Now you can begin to see: April 1st as the New Year according to Terra Earth! Our new beginning and our new start to life as we emerge from the darkness of winter just as we emerged from the darkness of our mama’s womb, and as our souls emerged from the darkness of our source YHWH.

Happy Birthday to our Terra Earth!

Now, here’s what you need to think about. When you’re unable to move with this natural vibration like all living matter should, your cells that are formed by your atoms that are linked or extended from the same source of the Terra Earth may begin to slow down in the regeneration stage, your cellular atp (that’s your cellular energy) levels can drop, your cells metabolism can slow down, and your cells may begin to mutate, or they may stop regenerating and begin dying off quickly all causing you signs of advanced aging, dehydration, stress, and other body issues: Truth Skin Energy calling you for healing. 

So how do you turn this around?

You’ve got to turn around! “Bright Eyes” Once upon a time you may have been the cream of the crop, now your body is falling apart! This moment is your eclipse, your darkness so you can turn and face the sun; face the sea-son; embrace Truth Energy from your soul source of existence and creation; and make the claim to move in your power from your soul source of existence and creation. Move in vibration with your Terra Earth. Honor your new year, your new start, your new beginning! This is your moment to shine: Coming out of the dark! You can see the light now shining on you!!

The doors of the church of beauty and wellness are open: I welcome you in!

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Jah Crystal



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