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Black History is American History

Written by J Crystal Profit


What exactly is the history of the United States of America? I’m sure you have common stories you’ve heard all your life like pioneers, pilgrims, and including slavery. However, you’ve never heard secret stories. Real truth! To speak on real truth or should I say Fairy (Fatum) truth, you would first have to rephrase the statement to:

What exactly IS the United States of America?

First ask yourself, "who is (not what) America? The exoteric answer is vague and filled with egotistical pride of a nation. So to make this short and bitter sweet I'll stay within the topic of the esoteric answer.

America is a woman. Her name is Amerukhan (Ah-Meru-Caan). She is a beautiful Afro (meaning Love aphro) melanated femme being who was despised and talked about greatly in the biblical text of muslim and christianity. Her children were called gentiles.

When you let intelligence override your thought patterns you can see the codes. Gentiles vibrates exactly what it is: gentille, meaning gentle. She and her children were gentle and the essence of love.

The scriptures were re-written to strip her and her family of their power and greatness. However, her brother Lord Emmanuel Yahoshua (called Jesus in these re-written scripts) left codes in the scriptures so any who possessed the sacred halo spirit of love and light would recognize the truth instead of following a lie.

Having trouble swallowing this pill; DON'T. Read the lost books including Enoch and you'll find the world you live in is masked and cloaked from truth. And while you are just learning, you have humans following an organization called wicca devouring information that has Lord Samuel and Lady Lilith demonized keeping their souls trapped: and humans filled with illusions! For in their ignorance they only trap themselves, unfortunately.

It has always been my pleasure as my brothers and sisters in love to liberate and elevate blessed souls. And if you have read this so far without getting too lost you are a blessed soul and this information is activating truth within you.

I could've very well written a blog on some fact about "Black People" that pioneered the herbalism or beauty movement. Technically that's a waste of time. I needed to share something to jolt your memories, ask questions, and make you think or at least be offended, LOL.

Your beauty and wellness needs truth. Without truth your energy is drained and you age too fast too soon. Depression and other mood swings begin to surface because your soul is trapped within deception of your soul source of existence.

Here at Herbal Beauty Babe, the formulas support the very essence of your soul and has the ability to activate your soul truth using pure herbs, and esoteric information of your soul source energies; the 5 Energies of Skin©.

The 5 Energies of Skin© is truly a source energy system designed to empower you through the changes of your life and activate gifts within you for your pure beauty and wellness.

It's worked for me and hundreds of others. It can work for you!

Jah Crystal

About the author: Jah Crystal is the owner of She is a psychic coach, and traditional herbalist specializing in beauty and wellness. She teaches psychic development and professional herbal beauty online, and creates professional handcrafted herbal care for beauty and wellness.



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