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ConGestion is Real

Written by J Crystal Profit


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Con-Gestion is Real!

The lovely spring season. You are finally coming into warmth and out of the cold with sun and rain and fresh flowers budding with pollen blowing everywhere. It also brings to some of you an adverse immune reaction to the changes around you. This reaction called allergies can create intense suffering of nasal pain and blockage in your face; dermatitis on your skin, and internal issues with your body. Seasonal allergies are common and show up in so many ways in your body and skin. The basis is sneezing and congestion. Science give you so many explanations to the body’s immune response to these blessed seasonal changes. However, they never can quite give you a real spiritual plasmatic energetic response to the changes. Today, I'll be the sinus ease to cleanse your airways for clarity and understanding.

First, let’s take a look at the previous season; beautiful winter. Winter season brings the skin energy of healing, learning, and rest. It correlates with Guidance Skin Energy. When you overlook Winter Skin Energy and skip around it without full completion of healing, rest, and learning your lesson(s) you create blockage of your full pure cellular energy flow. Blockage is the vibration of the word congestion. Con-Gestion vibrates to go against what you have to bring forward. Bringing energy forward is the vibration of Spring Skin Energy. Spring season comes into place and instead of your body embracing the change, you fight against it. You are unable to bring forward lessons learned for your elevation: Your Spring! Basically, you ain't ready to grow!

So, let me help you with some positive steps to "back track" and correct this energy flow. Follow these steps for the next 7 days. You should see improvement.

Steps to Correcting Positive Spring Skin Energy Flow:

  1. Create quiet moments of deep power breathing for cellular cleansing and liberating emotions
  2. Eat fresh Soups of herbs, green leafy veggies, and root veggies. No grains or added sugars.
  3. Partake in a daily sunrise fast to remove toxins through colon cleansing and or detoxing herbs.
  4. Drink plenty of water only. No beverages. (herbal teas are acceptable with no sweetener added). 
  5. Avoid chemical based products and Click Here to DM your herbalist Jah Crystal for a customized energy formula you can use at home.

You are "fast tracking" movements you should’ve made during the winter season.

You also need to add eucalyptus oils throughout your home and a daily saline nasal flush for easier breathing.

What's amazing this same cycle can occur in the autumn as well. This is why it's called seasonal allergies. Each season you are "struggling" to adjust to the plasmatic energy of the season. Autumn brings about a shift or change. You can relate to resisting changes in your life at some point. So when autumn arrives and you are once again caught up in allergies. It's really time to look at how you are living your life in totality: your environment, your company, your lifestyle, your personal cellular energy.

Now, I'd love for you to learn about your seasonal energy and how it links to your wellness through classes and coaching offered here. Subscribe today by clicking here and learn more on "Season Skin Energy for Beauty and Wellness" in our online classes.

Gratitude & Blessings,

Jah Crystal



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