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Effortless Beauty

Written by J Crystal Profit


Effortless Beauty:

How much work and effort are you willing to put into your beauty ritual and regimen to achieve your desired state of beauty, how much? 

Here’s some good news: No work is actually needed. It’s called “Effortless Beauty”. 

I once read an interview with singer actress and former miss America Vanessa Williams before the launch of her skincare line. She shared her thoughts on effortless beauty being under-appreciated and wanted her daughters to take advantage of what they have when they are young: the ability to be 100% natural in their beauty. 

Because today we see a multitude of ladies in their 20’s using a multitude of makeup, and harsh skincare and hair products. This helps them to create a look that they admire and want to be admired for. Yet in the same process these beautiful ladies are hiding what truly makes them unique and beautiful emanating from their own soul. 

So here’s what I’ve learned throughout my years in the beauty industry and my herbal cultural studies: Your State of Mind is Your State of Beauty. You can make it an effort of work that in all honesty moves against your natural beauty and flow of life creating spiritual blocks. Or you can make it effortless by simply being in your beauty naturally 24/7 for liberation of your life!

How good would it feel to just be you and not have to worry yourself about putting on a ton of makeup and all sorts of harsh hair goo to make yourself into this desired image for someone else to admire? I’ll tell you now it’s an awesome and amazing feeling!

When I was little I remember looking in the mirror each day and gaze upon my beauty; nappy hair and all. My childhood eyes only could see the beautiful energy surrounding me. Growing up I began to see others and desired to achieve their same beauty. This form of beauty placed me in opposition of my natural beauty. It also became a cycle of effort and work that drained my energy and hid my true beauty and wellness. Feeling the imbalance, I realized my soul needed to be reflected in my physical movements and appearance of my life. This brought me into living in harmony with my own natural beauty and aligning my energy with the earth, sun, and moon. Now looking in the mirror again each time to gaze upon my beauty; this time I also see power. 

Because my beauty, naturally so, is my power. No one can take it away from me. It’s effortless and easy. Because my beauty is me. 

Today I rose from my sleep and began my meditations. I realized how I lived wasn’t the normal way for my family, friends, and soul kindred; and many, many others. I move effortlessly in my natural beauty, even through chaos; I'm always finding a way in love to rise above the madness and be light as a feather. Now, I realize how much I could truly help others to transform and change their life into their highest state of beauty and wellness.

Here’s an example of my custom daily beauty and wellness ritual made simple:

  1. A 20 minute meditation with mantras and deep breathing is performed while in bed or in a KHMT pose.
  2. I clean my mouth and teeth using my Herbal Tooth Powder with a spritz of hydrogen peroxide, and using a charcoal infused bamboo brush.
  3. An herbal cleansing mask is massaged into my face and neck then the excess is removed with a soft hot towel.
  4. My herbal spray moisturizer is gently applied to my face and neck.
  5. Herbal cream deodorant is applied to my underarms and all intimate areas of my body. 
  6. Drops of herbal oil are applied to my scalp and my hair is spritz with water or herbal hydrator, then sectioned and brushed into whatever style feels good.
  7. My vulva area (Yes I said it!) is rinsed with cool water and pat dried; and in between my menstrual cycle a sprinkle of herbal powder is placed into my underwear. 

And in flow, I simply proceed to put on clothes that feel good. And when I’m feeling the need I’ll gloss my lips with a drop of herbal oil. And maybe just maybe, I’ll add a light brush of mineral powder for extra protection from any harsh cold or heat my facial skin will be exposed to. 

I look amazing and I feel amazing and I make sure my emotions are in check. I move with my "feelings". I don’t need a wig or ton of makeup even when I’m on camera because skincare is wellness; while creating a facade is to hide. 

Are you hiding your natural beauty, or are you expressing your natural beauty and moving in your power?

You have the choice to say yes to your soul and finally be your beautiful you in all your glory--not your pain!

Everyday and all day I help hurting souls heal their pain and move in their power for pure beauty and wellness. I hope this article helped you! Gratitude for reading. I’m Jah Crystal of Herbal Beauty Babe. You’ll hear from me again. 

Peace, love and beautiful skin, 



P.S. Here are my 5 Easy Steps to Begin Your Journey Into Effortless Beauty

  1. Drink water; at least half your body weight in ounces.
  1. Eat fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, and kombucha.
  1. Eat prebiotic foods like root vegetables and root herbs.
  1. Avoid foods with added sugars and sweeteners.
  1. Use dried or fresh herbs in your food and skincare daily.


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