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Get Autumn Ready!

Written by J Crystal Profit


Get Autumn Ready!

Are you missing summer already? The full shift into autumn is still moving forward. Let me help you move forward with change and allow your skin to keep your summer glow even as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. Your beauty and wellness doesn’t have to fall; it only needs to transition and shed a new light on your aura.

Close your eyes and enjoy the process of letting go. Relax and feel free! This is Autumn Skin Energy Care.

Now open your eyes and enjoy the wonder of the changing in all you see within your life whether it makes you sad, glad, or mad. Enjoy the wonder. Now let go of the emotion.

Embrace the feeling. What do you see, hear, smell, taste within your mind? What is it telling you?

Transitions help us to learn lessons and grow. Transitions help our cells flow and learn to sustain your beauty and wellness. This is the reason autumn beauty is praised throughout the world. Colors of glory; because in what seems to be a death is actually life eternal.

Gratitude for reading,

Jah Crystal

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