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Got Chin Hairs?

Written by J Crystal Profit


Got Chin Hairs?

An occasional thick chin hair on a blessed femme being from time to time is a normal response from your hormones fluctuating during your menstrual cycles. Now what about when chin hair is always present? What’s really going on😳?

There are 2 spiritual types of excessive chin hair growth.

  1. Warrior Queen 👑
  2. Masculine Bondage 🗡

The 1st appears as slight hair growth on a regular basis from a persistent fluctuation of your hormones. Scientifically, this is due to your genetics and age. Spiritually, you are who I like to call a transitioned  “Warrior Queen”. You were born a blessed femme being and transitioned due to your life experiences into a warrior within your life movements. You are extremely protective of your own self and those you love. You tend to feel or hold false beliefs that life is hard and you gotta work hard (like a man) to achieve or receive anything. A transitioned “Warrior Queen '' is common among women descended from oppressed cultures in the Americas, Caribbean Islands, Pacific Islands, and etc... Your symptoms begin to show in your late teens or early twenties. And for some they may show from childhood, bringing into this realm an energetic response from their former journey within the universe.

You can reverse and control the symptoms through 3 easy methods:

  1. Change your daily dietary intake of foods and herbs that support healthy estrogen levels and keep your testosterone levels low through an energy healing coaching session.
  2. Change your daily skincare routine to herbal care that supports your hormones @herbalbeautybabe via Guidance Skin Energy or Power Skin Energy.
  3. Change your mindset of living from a “Warrior” to a “Creator” through the Primordial Psychic Mastery program @herbalbeautybabe. 

I entered into Warrior Queen during my twenties. It started as soft vellus hair. I refused to touch it hoping it would just go away. By my 30’s it was thick and screamed testosterone overload. I carefully and surgically removed them. See you can have them removed by electrolysis or sugar, or tweeze, or laser by damaging the source root and preventing regrowth. However when your hormones are at work, it grows back! It may take days, months, or years, depending on your service received. Still, it grows because you have yet to leave behind your Warrior Queen and you are moving outside of your natural vibration of life and existence. The reality is: You ain’t a warrior! You are a creator!

The 2nd appears in rare scenarios and is excessive hair growth on the chin and neck. It’s usually complex similar to male pattern beards called hirsutism. Scientifically, this could be a flag of a hormone imbalance due to ailments in the bodies or medications. Or it could be a hormone imbalance triggered by a combination of poor dietary intake, weight gain, with nicotine and excessive caffeine. This combination also causes the progression of the ailments that affect your hormones and increase hirsutism. And in rare cases it's completely hereditary from birth.

Spiritually, you have left or bypassed “Warrior Queen” all together and entered into “Masculine Bondage” a form of self hate. It’s okay. You didn’t mean too. It wasn’t your intention. You were responding to your life programming from childhood or from the realm your spirit traveled from. You were born a blessed femme being and life blinded you from the beauty of your own essence. You can be healed, anointed, and restored to your blessed primordial femme existence. The good news is you can use the same 3 easy methods with more advanced steps!

What your 3 easy methods would be for hirsutism:

  1. Full detoxification of your body through an herbal fast with @herbalbeautybabe in partnership with Detox International LLC of Louisiana with a change in daily dietary intake of foods and herbs to support your hormones and help your body to heal.
  2. Eradicate all chemical based skincare products and incorporate daily herbal skin energy care formulated for your specific skin energy @herbalbeautybabe.
  3. Complete a 90 day emotional detox for healing your body’s energy field and strengthen your feminine psychic gifts through the Primordial Psychic Mastery program @herbalbeautybabe.

I’m grateful to say, I’m without this experience. However I’ve witnessed it and it is truly one you would bow and courtesy to the femme going through it❤. The emotional toll can be overwhelming. And within the experience it shows your strength and willingness to overcome the vibrations and rise above. Restoring your blessed femme vibrations is essential for your life, beauty, wellness, longevity of learning and elevating in spirit. You can do it! I’m here to help you.

My commitment to you in 2021 and beyond is: Grand Rising! Moving in my power 100 so you can move in yours.⚡

Each night I recommend the Warrior Queen to use Guidance Skin Energy Care on your chin as an overnight treatment; meaning don’t remove any product until sunrise.

I also recommend each night for the Masculine Bondage to use Power Skin Energy Care on your chin and keeping it on until sunrise also.

To learn more on scientific causes before seeing your doctor visit:

A repression of psychic energy is deeply at play on both types spiritually and needs to be liberated. Click Here to book a free discovery call with me today to learn the easiest way to get started for the fastest results. Gratitude for reading.


Jah Crystal



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