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Heal Your Skin As A Gift to Your Cells!

Written by J Crystal Profit


The holidays are right around the corner. Let me share something with you that you need to hear every single day from now until:

The greatest gift you can give is a gift to you! For a long time I was last on my list of people to care for. It happens when you're a parent, spouse, or child who cares for others, even so for me cause I'm a healer.

By 2018 after both my parents transitioning AND becoming a grandma my cells and soul cried out through my skin and body for nurturing and healing of my own body. Using my own secret system, in 3 months my healing began...

And so my journey...starting with going public with my gift of healing and successfully established Healing Herbal Skincare in Seattle☔ in 2019.

Now in 2020 I'm on a more extended journey offering my gift of healing online globally with a new name, a new platform, cause it's a new moon🌚 and we are now the Herbal Beauty Babe 💋🌿!

What do I do? Help You with chronic skin issues heal your skin and heal your life so you can emanate your beauty and not your pain and be camera ready 24/7 even when you're not wearing makeup.

If this resonates with you don't wait or send a message me. Text or call me asap to become your highest state of beauty in the flesh with soul alignment.

Text 253-293-5775 or click here.


Jah Crystal

P.S. Don't let the holidays greet you without your glorious beauty!



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