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How It All Began!

Written by J Crystal Profit


This is me 7 years ago. There's a slight lost look emanating...

Did you know or realize your face emits energy waves that express your life? These same energy waves have the ability to alter, stop, or block your progress, success and wealth in your life and business. This is why your face is the 1st place to have issues like acne, dermatitis, advanced aging, etc...

7 years ago my acne was still active and hormonal. My journey to Iowa Nation where meditation became my daily habit; allowing me to link with my ancestral mamas and begin to understand energy clearly and our source of existence.

Since then I've developed a unique system called the the 5 Energies of Skin© designed to heal your skin and heal your life, and I've been teaching this system fulltime here in Washington state.

My true desire is to teach you how to use this system to enhance your skin energy, attract your success, while simultaneously improve your beauty and wellness.

Please comment your thoughts. This is real y'all! Just look at my current photos here on the home page or IG or FB. 🌿💋ttys.

Gratitude🌟 for Reading,

Jah Crystal




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