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Junk Skincare

Written by J Crystal Profit


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Are You A Skincare Junkie?

Chances are, you might just be. Let me explain:

So, interesting enough to say how my granddaughter at 2 years old began indulging for about l0 days in “processed snacks”. Yes, all the delicious items like cheese crackers, cookies, popsicles, rice crisp cereal treats, etc, etc… Yes, it’s summer fun, parties, and play for children and parents seem to just can’t say no to those cute little pleas of gimme some sweet joy in my mouth.

Now, within those 10 days she also developed diarrhea, then an overload of mucus production, then a cold plus a fever. She was happy to run about and laugh and play during these bodily changes however when the fever hit my granddaughter couldn’t ignore the symptoms anymore. After MiJah (that’s me) examined her, I’d begin explaining to her Mama how little MiJah’s daughter’s health changes all lined up with her brief playful eating habits during this summer. A decreased nutritional intake with an increase in toxic food additives, preservatives, fillers, and synthetics (deemed edible by the FDA) has the ability to decrease the immune response. The body is busy detoxing instead of supporting and maintaining wellness.

Junk food or manufactured foods are generally filled with sugar, salt, chemicals, and very little to zero nutrients. You can see the impact clearly on your physical bodies health and wellness. Do you see the correlation in your beauty? You may attribute poor skin conditions or ailments to a poor nutritional intake. This ain’t always the case. I’ve met beauties who eat the most healthy food ever and still they struggle with skin ailments and even health issues. What is the issue?

There are two answers. The first one is easy. What you feed your mind each day affects the health of your brain, that is your CNS (central nervous system). This has a large impact on your immune system, how your cells are sending and receiving information. Vibrational plasmatic energy through thought patterns either programmed or experienced from your environment creates messages within your CNS and affects your atomic cellular core functions. Hopefully, what you just read is a very easy thought to digest.

Now the second one is easier or easiest. It’s also highly offensive because in one hundred percent totality it’s true. What you are placing on your skin everyday is opposite of your cellular energetic core operations. Junk skincare is every person, human, and being antithesis to their own beauty and wellness. You make a purchase hoping to maintain your beauty and wellness of your skin only to find your cells are still degrading at the same rate or even faster than before. Why is this? 

1st: The same toxic chemicals in processed foods (junk food) are overloaded in skin care products to the 10th degree or power (physics or algebra :-) and are approved by the same FDA. 

2nd: The facade is real! Your cute fancy bottle that brags on the front about changing your life never will tell you to read the full ingredients list or say they are made without all the additives, fillers, preservatives, and synthetics that are truly unnecessary for your cellular absorption.

3rd: Skin care addiction is apparent like a bag of tasty potato chips or better yet cheesy cheese puffs. Your external skin cells react to the feel good by shining meanwhile your dermal cells just beneath the top surface of your skin goes into detox mode. And just like a poor health response from a summer party food indulgence, your skin begins to slow down in its ability to regenerate effectively giving you aging skin year after year after year of you using everything on the shelf.

Next you find yourself in the doctor’s office looking for some invasive or non-invasive treatments that cost over $10,000 or more when you're completely done during your lifetime. Now, everything I’ve just described is literally the nightmare of a true skincare junkie! These statements are easy to digest and may make you feel a sense of remorse. No need to because the answer is here for you to embrace. Are you ready for me to say it? Ready or not, it’s Healing Herbal Skincare. Using herbs that align to your skin energy for healing throughout your life for pure beauty and wellness.

The system we use called the “5 Energies of Skin©” changes how you think to a higher state of being. Your eating habits elevate to a more nutritionally dense and pure food way of eating. You begin to use items on your skin each day that are pure the same way you eat. And before long you’ll create your own apothecary for beauty and wellness right within your own living space.

So, click here and join me today to begin your journey. I’m waiting on you!


Jah Crystal



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