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Master Your Emotions

Written by J Crystal Profit


When you are dealing with physical ailments in your skin and body the smart thing to do is get help, research, and find out more. You might not think about though, how you are feeling, meaning with your 5 senses, and what emotions you have been experiencing lately. This practice is important because your emotions and how you receive and send information (your feelings) is an integral part of your beauty and wellness.

Emotions and feelings ain't the same! How you feel is separate from the emotions you are expressing. Most people treat emotions and feelings as if they are both the same vibration and frequency. Emotions then become the ruler of your life, beauty, and wellness; our reality.

Have you been rather emotional to your own thoughts and life experiences?😣😒😤😳😭

Are you attracting the wrong opportunities, the wrong people, and just being non attracting to what you really want?😢 Are you simply going with the flow without direction?

Well here's some good news for you: In your skin is where you begin!🤗

Join me every Sunday evening in my #MasterYourEmotions master class using a system I've created called the "5 Energies of Skin".

Each skin energy of life is dictated by your emotions and have an effect on your feelings, your energy, and what you are attracting and being attracted to.

I've used this system in full and it's brought to me more and more of my heart's desires as well as preserved my beauty and wellness (#bonus💕point)!

  • You can have your Soul desire!
  • You can be Mindful and have money!
  • You can have Inner peace!
  • You can Love life!
  • You can be an Enlightened being!

In other words you can S.M.I.L.E.😊 from your source of existence! And be a natural herbal beauty babe and attract the life you love! #🌿💋

Experience a #MasterYourEmotions class and you'll learn how to create your beautiful body, spirit, and mind.

Register now🙏. Click Here to receive a link to attend.

Gratitude for Reading,

Jah Crystal



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