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Meditation for Beautiful Skin

Written by J Crystal Profit

Meditation for Your Beauty and Wellness:


Meditation is an ancient practice for healing the body and spirit. What I’m able to personally tell you about meditation is how it brings out the most beautiful skin tone you’ve ever seen!!! Even more when you combine this practice with the right herbs for your beauty and wellness, let me just say your skin is transformed into the love of life within the universe!

Your skin is naturally composed of millions of nerves and is the largest system in your body called the “integumentary” system (btw: a fun word to say fast 3x’s) (and fyi: don’t say this word under the influence of any substance especially comedy central!). Basically, what I’m saying is that overall your emotions have a deep impact on your skin through the nerves in your skin responding from mental emotions going through your central nervous system (aka CNS for short) (p.s. your brain is included in your CNS-- jic ydk ijs pretty much). 

So, here are 3 blessed reasons to practice meditation daily for Beautiful Skin:

1st: Meditation calms your CNS in your body. Your CNS has millions of nerves linked into your skin. This calming effect on your nerves can calm your skin; and it can bring balance to your dermal energy field emanating from your skin.

2nd: Meditation temporarily clears your dermal energy field of all positively and negatively charged energy emanating from you or from others who happen to have that strong lingering effect. In turn this clearing helps you to link you to your source of life.

And 3rd: meditation opens up your inner guidance system to receive clarity and understanding within your life. This helps to bring you a feeling of peace. Peace gives you an emotion of happiness and other positive emotions. And then, those emotions stimulate your nerves in your skin for healthy circulation of fluids. This is what gives you a beautiful inner glow that no amount of makeup can give. It just can’t, IJS!

Meditation for me keeps me one with my force of life. The best form of meditation for beautiful skin is deep breathing meditation. I do this because it brings tons of much needed oxygen into my body, and it can do the same for you.

You start with laying flat on your back, or if you are unable to lay down you can be at a desk or something (please not in a car while driving). You’re just going to make sure that your spine is elongated or simply straight and not slouched. Relax your shoulders. Then place your hands together at the top of your belly.  Now, you'll take a deep breath and allow your belly to expand as you inhale through your nose and receive all the blessed oxygen you can receive. Next you'll slowly exhale through our mouth relaxing your muscles as your belly drops closer to your spine.

You’ll do this 10x’s thinking of absolutely nothing. When any thought comes into your mind simply sweep it away without giving the thought any attention. Music without words can help to keep the mind clear of thoughts. However, I find humming is the best!

You can also use the quiet noise around you. Or, another great way is to close your eyes and focus (in) on the darkness surrounding you.

This is a wonderful start in meditation to give yourself (or your cells) beautiful skin! This is a great way to let go of anger and sadness or any other negative emotion that is lingering in your CNS

Are you  experiencing energetic pain and mental struggle daily? You could be a walking psychic powerhouse. Pretty much the same way someone could have walking pneumonia or walking around with a winning lottery ticket and not realize it!

I’m Jah Crystal and everyday I get to help beautiful souls who experience energetic pain, and mental struggle everyday learn how to develop, strengthen, and utilize their untapped soul psychic powers and special energetic abilities for spiritual protection with their life, clarity of their life movements (past, present, and future), and attract their heart's desires to achieve their goals and ambitions for success!

I’m inviting you to join me in a free webinar called “Soul PPE” to learn how to develop, strengthen, and utilize your untapped soul psychic powers! As with the universal law of correspondence we have been ignoring our souls and not covering our souls with our PPE. Now physically PPE is needed everyday, everywhere you go! This is the soul of terra earth crying out to the souls of terra earth, “YOU need your PPE on your soul!”

*PPE physically stands for "personal protective equipment" according to definition

*PPE spiritually stands for "psychic powers elevated" according to Jah Crystal.

“You REady, Yes YOu ready, I’m ready Heyyyyy!” LOL!

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Gratitude and blessings for being here!

This has been my pleasure. Peace, Love and Beautiful skin… I’ll see you again.

Jah Crystal




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