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Moving Into The Light

Written by J Crystal Profit


Jah Crystal sitting on Cougar Mountain in Renton Washington



When you look into the sun, what do you see? Most people can’t see a thing because the light is too bright. Some people brag or boast on light energy and the ability to use or send it to others. I’ve done it in the past like, “sending you love and light!” Light energy isn’t about color, only the exertion of force: little to no force is needed for movement. The brightness of light energy is real. Truthfully, the average spiritual being is blinded by the light energy, and still unable to see in the dark energy (preferably called heavy).


This spring of 2020 brought on changes so magnificent and unwaning, it was truly evident that we were moving into a full moon light energy of summer glory. The question became, “Are you ready?”. And the answer was, “even if you think you are, prepare your cells for elevation.” So fasting spiritually and physically became pertinent. Meditation and prayer became essential. Family focus became priority. And self care became a must on all levels.


One thought is for sure, anticipation of moving outside of my comfort zone was # 1 at the transition of this spring equinox. When spring arrived and covid 19 became officially recognized as an illness and also the reason for a mass global shut down, my Angels said to begin preparing in high gear for the new energy shift. Initially for Healing Herbal Skincare, we set out in January to transform fully into an effective online business. It was my vision for the future. Yes, it surprised me how the future was less than 3 months away. Luckily for me in March, the amazing Jeremy Williams of Vyudu reached out to me and offered his assistance. Since then we have been working hard to financially stay afloat and bring this blessed vision of healing to the online world 100%.


What was to be expected during this shutdown however was beyond what my visions could see so much so the heavy energy being perpetrated upon us had me layered and covering myself from head to toe in clothing almost daily. By the time the riots started, I was fed up and completely done with the spirituality of society and the lack thereof... 


See I’m the 7th through 9th generation of herbalists, healers, and spirit guides since the last cosmic energy shift of this realm at the turn of the 19th century. Every single one of my elders have already marched, protested, isolated, fought, bled, and even died for the salvation and freedom of our souls. And every night this past May my dreams and visions were filled with their presence staring me down, preaching me down, and waiting for this exact moment: for me to move in silence spiritually igniting entrapped souls for elevation. My elders have already done the work physically. Now we must move spiritually.


Only a true and living soul can understand what we are saying right now. As nature rules so does the soul of nature. Does your soul align and move in unity with nature, earth, terra, sun, and moon? Or do you move against it? Nature will kill off it’s own tree that doesn’t produce fruit according to the tree’s own nature. What do you think nature will do to you?


Can you imagine your life being stolen from you, your land, your family, your soul? And then forced to work without pay and live in bondage with no civil liberties? Still by the grace of love within your soul you move daily with a love of life and all of nature therein. This is the soul of my ancestors from the blessed lands now accursed of what’s Louisiana and Mississippi: Original Indegenous Afro Indjahns and Indjinns. In 2015 TakHouMa called my name and we sojourned here to the pacific northwest for elevation and power. And the journey is still going….


This is my pleasure each day to teach you my spiritual energy matrix called “5 Energies of Skin©” to heal your skin and heal your life. Your soul is worthy of beauty and wellness. Your soul cries to be one with our Terra, Sun, and Moon. Your soul seeks unity with our source of existence. And with every lesson as with every herbal formula you become closer and closer to your soul mission and your highest state of beauty.


So let go of anger, hate, malice, strife, envy and embrace justice, peace, and strength with one thought daily: eternal soul love. Now you move into the light energy source with vision and clarity.


Gratitude & Blessings,

Jah Crystal


A Scientific P.S. Remember pure matter is an energy source. Black souls of the Americas and certain parts of this realm is in fact an entrapment of source energy existence. Don’t ride on their coattails of civil liberties as most groups have done. Hold the hands of these souls and give them their wings of glory within this realm. Amen.

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