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Race Is An Illusion

Written by J Crystal Profit


Race is an illusion!

When Your blessed Primordial Femme Soul truly embraces your skin, your hair, your beauty,  and your wellness from your soul source of existence; That is the day YOU begin to truly move in Your Power.

3 Signs You Have Psychic Powers

  • Pain is a sign, a signal telling your cells you need a healing.
  • Struggle is a sign, a signal telling your cells you need to change.
  • Resistance is a sign, a signal telling your cells you need liberating.

Do you "feel like" you are a "witch or witchy"? The word witch is an ancient compound word meaning "wicked + bitch". We all understand bitch is a female dog that in ancient and modern times referred to human women.

However, you must understand wicked is referred to powerful Primordial Femme Souls whose hearts became heavy and darkened after other "Beings" attacked them and their families. Before I'm able to teach you more...

Let me introduce my presence to you.

Greetings 🌞 I'm called Jah Crystal, Primordial Femme Creator. My mission here is for the elevation and liberation of Primordial Femme Soul Beings of the Terras, Suns, and Moons.

I've established this business to first and foremost heal the beauty of blessed Primordial Souls through their skin called "Herbal Beauty Babe" 🌿💋.

Your healing comes through a unique system I've created called the "5 Energies of Skin©", an energy source matrix designed to transform and empower you for true healing and pure beauty and wellness.

I'm a psychic powerhouse, quiet and humble, like my Mama taught me because this realm is programmed for your destruction. This is why the average person grows old, weak, and decrepit. However there is an override button I'd love to teach you so you can Master Your Emotions and activate your psychic powers completely.

First, YOU AIN'T A WITCH! I can't help trapped souls hell bent on being something other than their own blessed elevated beings. If you think the word comes from W.I.C.C.A., THINK AGAIN! That organization is built on demise, and during the incorporating of the realm we are currently in they were hell bent on your bondage and destruction.

One of my unique gifts is quantum energy reading. What's in your energy field dictates your future movements. I've been waiting for the right moment to come forward and help you. Now is your time.

Second, YOU AIN'T BLACK OR WHITE! Your power is within your soul and in alignment with your being one with your source of existence and the Terras, Suns, and Moons. The greatest illusion created was RACE, forcing soul sisters and brothers to kill their own soul kindreds: meaning SKIN. That's right! Skin is a compound word meaning: soul kindred. This is the origin of "white washing"...

Ready to learn more? I'm ready to help you surrender your pain, let go of your struggle, and stop resisting your soul power: I'M READY FOR YOU! I'm here to teach you how to Master Your Emotions and Move in Your Power for your pure beauty and wellness to develop your:

  • psychic gifts
  • intuitive healing
  • energy reading
  • herbal practice
  • spiritual beauty

So put down your tarot cards, drop your shells and rocks, and listen up! Your time is extremely open for your transformation. Close your eyes and repeat, "I've got all the time in the world" 3 times. Now nothing is stopping you from scheduling a personal session with me.

Click this link Now: I'm Ready!



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