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Written by J Crystal Profit


Spring Changes:

I’m a psychic coach and traditional herbalist for beauty and wellness. I worked as a licensed esthetician and merged my talents into my business. Covid-19 government shutdowns completely changed the dynamics of how I lived and created means of living. So, I shifted my business to online services and sales however the trolls of the online business world made it a complete flop instead of a six figure success. So I started my online classes and got a few enrollments. So I’m thinking this is where I belong, maybe....

Now I’m becoming really close to closing my storefront business as of May 30 and focus solely on the classes. And with that I’m remembering how much I dislike being online all day. Maybe I should just give it all up and wholesale houses to prevent foreclosures? Or, maybe I should become a full time student and study medicine? Either way, change is strangely calling. And we are upon the spring equinox.🌷 

And btw, wth is happening!!!!!😳😫🥺😕🤨

Change and transition of movements during the spring equinox is challenging. Your desire to bask in the newness of life, and in the warmth of beautiful sun and flowers really begin to take over your mind and movements. And instead of embracing change and transitioning your life you are tempted to run away from the stress of your decisions that truly should be seen as blessed options. And when running away from it all seems impossible the next best move becomes a mental shutdown. Like, you’re just not going to even think about it. 

Then without any warning the inevitable “change” comes knocking at your door; and you answer in complete shock and awe like you didn’t see it coming. Really?! Now you are truly caught up in your emotions and struggle to make the best out of the situation or scenarios that have or is occurring.

I’d like to help you overcome this unnecessary dip of power, emotions, and life movements. And I’m going to show you how I manage my life transitions during spring energy and move one with the vibrations of the Terra Earth.

Here are my healthy steps on how to embrace changes during the spring of new beginnings:

Step 1

Reward yourself for all your accomplishments. Create a brag sheet on how great you are and all the wondrous activities you have completed. Make sure you share it with the world or those in your “world”!

Step 2

Take a trip big or small to fine tune your perspective on your life. Traveling opens up the visions of your world to all possibilities of living available to you. 

Step 3

Learn something completely new! Be bold and open your mind to learning a new subject, activity, sport, game, machine, a person, or even career. This allows you to expand your experiences for living. 

Step 4

Take care of yourself, nourish your skin and body, sit in the sun, and simply feel blessed. You are still your best you, ever!

Step 5

Remember there’s life beyond “a piece of the pie”, there’s the entire pie 🥧. Give yourself permission to explore other flavors and taste each one. This is how you transition during spring. 


See that wasn’t so bad! It’s actually quite exciting and it brings you to an abundance of options and opportunities to choose from. Now you can enjoy the newness of life and embrace your changes being presented to you and choose the one that you love the best! That’s You! Make a commitment to you becoming your highest state of beauty and wellness in your life today. 

I’m Jah Crystal, secretly Dr JC Profit, DD. My shift is now to embrace and walk tall in my power. Trust me, You can do it too❤️, Consuela

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About the author: Jah Crystal is the owner of Herbal Beauty Babe. She is a psychic coach, and traditional herbalist specializing in beauty and wellness. She teaches psychic development and professional herbal beauty online, and creates professional handcrafted herbal care for beauty and wellness.



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