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The Left Side of Beauty

Written by J Crystal Profit


It’s really amusing when we compare our sides physically, the left and right. What side is better for beauty, pictures (ex: Mariah Carey :-) Don’t trip though cause neither is better than the other when both are lacking substance, nutrients, and nurturing physically and spiritually.

Spiritually within this realm the difference between the two carries deep esoteric meanings. The truth being the left has become the right and the right has become the left. The programmed teachings from birth is the right side of the body rules. So much so, anything that is correct or factual is said to be “right”. And whatever is showcased as right or “righteous” is accepted as the norm or truth. This energy fills you as you look upon your own bodies and without thinking you focus your energy on your right side. You begin to look in the mirror without realizing you’ve turned to show off the right side of your face. LOL!

Today I’d like for you to think and meditate on how your left or “the left” should be the primary focus for your beauty and wellness. Once you truly accomplish this you’ll notice a big difference in how you see your beauty in totality. Now, let’s chew on these following thoughts:

Beauty standards today are practicing the same programmed concept* of right and it has been working for the past 100 years quite effectively destroying your true beauty. Each day there’s a new ad or new fad of product for you to use promoting right side beauty from creams to fake hair. None are promoting healing and wellness of your original beauty. All the companies with these ads want and desire for you to conform to the right side standards. This is their cash flow.

You lose a left sense of your original beauty and wellness every time you partake in what is opposite of your truth and your original beauty. We love to give excuses to this detriment by stating words of “needing change”, or “needing something new”. This leads to plastic beauty with and a ton of junk skincare buildup cluttering your cabinets, oh yeah plus a closet full of clothes you never wear or only wore once. Did I forget to mention the weaves of fake hair degrading the earth? The right side industry has uniquely programmed women with Afro hair to use fake hair and call it “protective styling”. I’m an Afro woman and can testify: my Afro never needed protection with fake hair. The truth is your Afro needs protection from fake hair. By understanding this snippet of esoteric information you’re now entering into left side beauty.

When you begin to notice a degradation of skin cells it is also a slow degradation of internal organs. A plastic fix can’t heal your skin or body much less save your soul or spiritual mind. Reaching for your programmatic right side savior of beauty and wellness within this realm may very well leave your well dry and depleted of your original beauty.

Now take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Listen to the quiet. The left side of life and your beauty and wellness will tell you to move with the vibrations of the earth. The still voice will say, "you need a healing every time you seek change and something new." For what you are truly seeking is the elevation of your soul being. Nothing fake or filled with chemicals can ever honor that vibe. Only you and the plants of Terra Earth.

So my advice truly is when you hear the masses go right on a topic or subject of beauty and wellness, try making a left and reaching for your original beauty in healing your skin and your life. See the left is truly the right and the right is truly the left; flow, balance, give, receive, gratitude, and blessings.

You are so appreciated,

Jah Crystal

P.S. It may feel hard to walk in truth. Rise above the opposing thoughts of pure universal vibrations and embrace being one with the Terra Earth. I'm here to help you do just that! Click Here

*concept: con always means to go against; it is erroneous to teach it means with; only co means with; cept vibrates thought or idea. So a true concept means to go against the original thought or idea.



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