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What is Happiness

Written by J Crystal Profit


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What is Happiness?


An elder once told me happiness was only a fleeting state of emotion and not a permanent state of energetic existence. Pretty deep for an elder? Not this one…

Although it shattered my thoughts on happiness, he helped place little thought seeds into the younger version of me that has grown to an understanding that even my own cells love to fathom.


What is happiness? Everyone will have a unique defining perspective on happiness based on what actually makes them happy. So, what makes me happy?


Elevation: it’s what makes me happy, and it comes every time I’m creating for your wellness for your beauty for your life. Everyday creating brings me personal elevation and every day it makes me feel that fleeting state of emotion called happiness. I don’t have to work at it or fight to hold on to it. We just let it come with our daily movements. And in life Universal law #1 everything affects everything. And happiness definitely affects me and anyone around me by igniting my Joy Energy. And everyday I’m happy means everyday I’m elevating my Joy Energy.


My elders taught me how Joy Energy is a permanent state of energetic existence. The world can’t give that to you and the reality we also need to understand is: the world can’t take your joy away. Joy Energy is the composition of your soul. Joy is your soul (or should be). No one has the power to take that away because it extends from your source of existence. The perp would be literally sticking their hand in a fire that nothing can protect it from.


When someone has attempted to take your “Joy Energy” remember this: they haven’t taken anything. They replaced all sense* of happiness with a pain so great it has suppressed your joy energy that feels like you’ve been robbed of your power. Your power still exists within is you. Your power is one with your joy. Now starting today, you shall elevate your joy and elevate your power by reclaiming your life here and your purpose for being here.


Starting today you change all elements around you. Everything you place within your mouth, in your head, and onto your skin shall be pure and natural as the earth you walk upon. Use and eat only herbs to support and help elevate your Joy Energy aligning your cells with your existence. Mindfully involve your cells in life experiences and thoughts that stimulate emotions of happiness. Now naturally let the happiness ignite your Joy Energy. This Joy Energy will illuminate through your dermal cells. Your glow is supported by your herbal care within and without. No more blocks chemically, physically, or spiritually (energetically).


Joy Skin Energy is the 3rd Skin Energy in my spiritual chart called 5 Energies of Skin©. This energy is necessary for your flow of Freedom Energy and Guidance Energy throughout your complete body. When it’s imbalanced it affects your Power Energy. You may experience oily skin, heat sensitivities, and anger issues. Learn more about Joy Skin Energy Care at Healing Herbal Skincare.


Peace, Love, and Beautiful Skin,

Jah Crystal,


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