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What is Truth?

Written by J Crystal Profit


Truth: what is truth?

A respected spiritualist says truth is merely a perspective brought on from experience. They are correct in defining truth through what is a concept or way of human thought and thinking. However, when one is elevated from within the soul, the person comes to over-stand truth as a pure source energy birthed from a combination of Love Energy, Peace Energy, and Freedom Energy. Truth Energy serves no one person, place, or thing, or even experience for that matter. It exists as a supernal force that has the ability to consume and destroy and uplift all at the same time. It gives birth to Justice Energy. And because of it being one with Love Energy, Truth Energy can heal the soul from any damage caused to the ethereal chord DNA stemming from the soul into the source of the soul’s existence and being.

30 years ago, I began a journey of truth because after studying various religions, and seeing different perspectives, and learning esoteric practices, and dreaming within my supernatural visions: I needed “truth”. I knew in my soul this realm wasn’t vibrating “truth” with all the dualities at play; this realm/world only extorted lies to keep primordial beings, human beings, and even celestial beings in a bondage so strong that when Truth Energy would be presented; it would be denied. You see when I was 17, Freedom Energy evoked within my soul and by the time I was 22, yeah 5 years later, it was moving strong. Too strong in singularity, so much so other factors of experiences came into play essentially thereafter to begin evoking Love, Guidance, Joy, and Peace. This was only the beginning of my spiritual training.

What have I Learned?

There are millionaires, famous “star like” people; and then there are the unknown “regular people”, even poor and misfortuned: All living within daily lies of degradation, deceit, and ultimately their destruction or demise. This is because they are unable to receive truth from their soul of our source of existence and creation. What stops this from happening? Your spiritual link is broken. Your tether to your source of existence is damaged.

And from what I see within this realm of time unto the primordial souls of the terras, suns, and moons no religion, creed, sect, or culture has been able to fix it.

You have spent years of your life going in one direction in hope to save your soul only to find misery still, and cling to a false hope of a better future, spiritually or physically. This applies to millionaires all the way to those who still look to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. See anyone can be happy in a lie. Yet in the process of living that lie everything else within you crumbles. Your life can reflect the absence of Truth Energy, as well as your body physically. Do you find yourself always “trying” to make it “work” or “fix things”; “do better”? Are you dealing with spinal degradation of any sort? Are you aging faster than you should? These are usually signs of your soul calling out for Truth Energy: a powerful, powerful combination of Love, Peace, and Freedom Energy in full force.

It took me another 28 years to finally see the soul of Truth Energy and quietly say, “Yes Lord.”, literally. In November of 2019 and I was driving in downtown Tacoma Washington when I stopped in traffic. Standing on the sidewalk was a beautiful primordial masculine soul “Angel of Love” tall and strong, dressed in an orange sweatsuit. My heart froze in fear and I nervously laughed and watched him out the corner of my eye as long as I could in hope he would speak to me, beckon in some way. Instead his heart bowed unto me with his eyes and he watched me closely as I drove away with the traffic. I realized that night and even more after, I had yet to fully embrace the soul of Truth 100 percent because the soul of Love within Truth would have made me pull the car over and speak to the Angel who I’m sure traveled far to see me; so that I would receive as I had been asking.

I cried for days after. I even drove by the same place hoping to see him again. See in the south we’d say “lightning never strikes in the same place twice,” and some people took that saying literally although that saying truly had nothing to do with lightning actually striking from the sky. Because Lightning from the sky can strike twice in the same spot. And as I’m sure even you figured, he wasn’t there. Since then, the hardest thing I’ve felt from within was being able to move forward within the soul of Truth without being called “crazy”, or taken advantage of by others, or simply standing still without any movement. It was easier to simply be isolated, stay in my lane, and not make bold movements; and all that I just stated is a reflection of repressed Love, Peace, and Freedom Energy.

So beginning in 2020 (are you adding it up, LOL) I decided to move 100% in the soul of Truth Energy. This is my journey and it has presented great relativity to help me expand and grow. My spiritual dreamworks grew stronger and heightened all of my plasmatic senses with of course Guidance, Love, Joy, Peace, and Freedom Energy generating from within my soul. This opened my door of Power.

Power Energy is a pure source energy birthed from Guidance, Joy, and Freedom Energy. All true Power has Truth Energy, as Power Energy supersedes Truth giving you access into your spiritual gifts, skills, and talents so in all your movements: you become Crown Energy encompassing all! This is my new journey from my expansion and growth.

I’ve seen and read the works of those who are marveled at and have been placed in powerful positions within the dispensations of our realm. They were all missing the one component to truly liberate their souls and others: TRUTH. So, today I’ asking you the same question that was asked to me 30 years ago:


Now your journey into the soul of truth begins. Are You ready to face Truth 100%?

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