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Your Happy Thoughts Might Be Feeding Your Anger...

Written by J Crystal Profit


What makes you happy?

This question is just seemingly becoming a bit rhetorical for me. Everyone keeps asking it. No one seems to truly be answering. I’ve heard a variety of answers: mostly persons, places, or things. I’ve also heard specific experiences that make someone happy, including general ones from my own thoughts like sunshine, snow, or a good poop (that makes you happy! LOL.). The most surprising answers on “being happy” are those that come from past experiences. When you focus on a past memory that gave you pure happiness it brings a smile to your heart that can make you float. The past can be a good start when you are lacking a sense of happiness in your present. Still, you could very well be missing a crucial link when you are floating around past moments of happiness. And, That crucial missing link could keep you spinning around in past moments for years. In turn, this perpetuum creates an extremely slow paced forward motion of momentous movements of your current present future life. Because often past thoughts, memories, and experiences of happiness reminds you of the happiness you are lacking in your present state of living.

If you've ever cried to Barbara Streisand's song "The Way We Were" or any other like it you can understand the emotional cycle. 

So, how do you avoid this? Learn your missing link. What’s the missing link? Your soul’s source of existence and creation that is activated from that moment of happiness.

Your soul’s source of existence and creation is a composition of energy.  This beautiful energy has a name and exists with or without you. Your presence is not needed for this beautiful energy to exist, However, you can’t exist without this blessed energy. If it feels better to title this energy God (or something similar) for now and for your understanding, go right ahead. This blessed energy has many pure energetic attributes that are neutral in their being. They are neither good or bad; positive or negative. I’ve singled out 5 essential attributes for the balance of your life, beauty, and wellness:

  • Guidance
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Relaxation
  • Freedom

    Now, think of an atom. The atom is materialized beyond the substance of the blessed energy because it carries a charge. The charge brought it into existence. The atom is a creation of this energy. It exists as what seems separate because it carries a charge for a specific function. The atom is an extension of the energy and is one with the energy. While yet one with the energy: The atom is an atom and the energy.

    Now, think of you. You have come into existence from the substance of the blessed energy the same way the atom did. And like the atom you too have a specific function. Now even further you materialized into your physical body through the portal of your maternal womb. You did all this for your purpose of elevating and expanding your being, your soul’s source of existence and creation. This same blessed energy is you (and me for we are all linked: universal law #1).

    Happiness expands your Joy Energy with every moment propelling you to create more events of happiness to expand your Joy Energy further. Happiness helps you to feel safe and secure that activates your Freedom Energy; and the expansion grows. Joy and Freedom Energy are attributes of this blessed energy and are neither good nor bad, positive or negative. Positive emotions expressed will activate your Joy Energy, like happiness, or negative emotions expressed will trigger your Joy Energy, like anger. Triggers like anger or sadness cause you to seek happiness. So, when your present state of living is lacking happiness, often past memories are evoked to activate your Joy Energy. Now your cycle of anger or sadness begins as you are reminded of your present state of living.

    The key to avoiding this cycle especially during the autumn energy season is to honor your memories, and leave them in the past. Let them go and bring all focus to your present state of living with pure intentions to search for current thoughts that bring you happiness. These thoughts become future words, and create future actions that bring you moments of happiness. Thus, activating your Joy Energy. This search is best done through meditation. You can participate in a recorded guided meditation in the Energy Healing Services we offer.

    When you mindfully create your present moments of happiness each day you can truly smile from your soul’s source of existence and creation: Joy Energy.

    Let me teach you how to S.M.I.L.E. from your soul.

    • S: Soul Care
    • M: Mindful Movements
    • I: Inner Peace
    • L: Loving Life
    • E: Enlightened Being

    Seeking your balance and healing for beauty, wellness, and life can become a daunting illusion. I’ve been there. I’ve called on every deity. Sought every guru. Went to every bible study. Until the day I screamed into the heavens and a little voice answered back. No it wasn’t mine, LOL. It was a soul kindred of love and beauty. From that day my meditations focused on my soul source of existence and creation; my origins of life before this realm and beyond. Soon the energies lined up and the revelation was made clear.

    I've taken 30 years of my experience with source energies of life, herbs, and soul beings to create my healing energy system called the "5 Energies of Skin©": a source energy matrix designed to help empower you through the emotional changes of your life for your highest state of beauty and existence.

    Matrix vibrates the meaning of womb: the creation and nurturing of life. This is exactly what the “5 Energies of Skin©” is all about. Giving you the power to nurture and create your life in pure beauty for healing and wellness.

    Learn more in a wonderful intro class called “Master Your Emotions” by clicking here.

    Gratitude for you being here!


    Spiritually yours,

    Jah Crystal



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