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Master Your Emotions

Greetings Blessed Soul,

Listen: Bull shit ain't nothin but chewed up grass! YES it is. Now that I've got your attention...

You are invited to watch an amazing class to TRANSFORM your life!

Master Your Emotions! Using the 5 Energies of Skin©

I’d love to teach you how to: overcome your feelings of anxiety and fears, heal your body/skin issues, stop dieting, relieve chronic ailments, liberate your trapped emotions, attract your success in your career and life, be your gorgeous authentic self and glow like a Hollywood Star! And beyond all of that; you'll learn to rise above racial and social trauma.

WE ARE EMOTIONAL BEINGS!!! It is how we move in our power. Right now your wires are crossed, and tables are turned. You think your emotions are your feelings and your feelings are your emotions.

Your life is then filled with struggle and pain from repressed anger and fears creating anxieties and depression. Somehow you've been programmed to "feel" like that’s normal. I’m here to tell you, "It ain’t..."

Tired of the emotional roller coaster ride of life? Me too. 5 years ago, I decided to get off permanently and focus on these energies daily.... And after 5 years plus many scenarios of practice my life has dramatically changed where I've been able to attract my desires AND receive them with gratitude and blessings. Now, whenever the roller coaster starts I'm actually enjoying the ride!!!

BONUS: My beauty and wellness is 10x stronger than 20 years ago! Cellular regeneration is on autopilot with every inhale and exhale! This course transforms your reception and response system to life bringing you balance to your beauty and wellness.

Utilize my universal skin energies of life source matrix for healing with action steps that teaches you how to L.A.F. and S.M.I.L.E. from your soul source of existence! You’ll develop a strong faith within your soul and a strong trust in your intuition for the advancement of your beauty, your wellness, your life!

So, are you attracting the wrong opportunities, the wrong people, and just being non attracting to what you really want?😢 Here's a better question. Are you or have you been rather emotional to your own thoughts and life experiences?😣😒😤😳😭 BTW, how's your skin and body?

In your skin is where you begin!🤗 Join me right now in this intro to #MasterYourEmotions class using a healing energy system I've created called the "5 Energies of Skin©": a source energy matrix designed to help empower you through the emotional changes of your life and all the wonderful crazy it brings for your highest state of beauty and existence!

Are you ready to learn? Your ancestors are ready for you to rise above! So, click the link below. Fill out the form. And set your calendar!

Gratitude for you being here. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.


Jah Crystal