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Your #1 Herbal Beauty and Wellness Care!

We offer you services to care for your skin, body, and soul!

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  • Herbal Beauty and Esthetic Services
  • Herbal Care and Nutrition Services
  • Source Energy Healing and Guided Meditations
  • Psychic Development, Readings, and Education
  • V Steaming Education and Pregnancy Services (Now Available!)

Herbal Beauty Esthetics

What you place on your skin affects your body's wellness in alignment to what you eat as well. We specialize in professional herbal skincare services customizing each one to the energy of your specific skin care needs.

Learn more about these services by clicking below.

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Herbal Care & Nutrition

Your herbs are food and food are your herbs! We customize herbal spice packages for your beauty and wellness; and we offer you holistic detox services customize to your specific energy needs.

You can now benefit from herbal yoni steaming and pregnancy care services. Click the link below to learn more.

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Source Energy Healing

Your emotional well being can support your beauty and wellness when balanced and in alignment with your soul purpose. We provide you with unique source energy healing services to discover the root causes of issues in your skin and body; and to empower you for success in your life!

We provide you with in person and virtual services, plus in home energy cleansing and design services! Click the link below to learn more.

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What You Can Expect

Our Story

Herbal Beauty Babe is a place created by Jah Crystal to recognize beauty and wellness as a state of mind with the ability to embrace and become one with your Terra Earth and the source energy thereof.

We recognized beauty and wellness is equal one to another and your emotional mindset has a direct effect on your beauty and wellness through your central nervous system.

It is our pleasure and goal to help you find the root cause to your skin and body issues to become your highest state of beauty, wellness, and existence!

I bring unto you my 30 years of experience with source energy, herbal living, and psychic development to help you create effortless beauty in your everyday living.

“Like the food you eat, what you place on your skin affects your energy within” Jah Crystal


"My skin has been transformed into a wonder."

Kendra @kendora05

Jah Crystal gave me one of the best facials I've ever had. My skin glowed for days after!

Tiffany @spasho

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Herbal, Organic, and Natural

We use all natural ingredients from plants and food bases in primarily their natural form to give you 100% herbal care.

Online and In Person

You can choose from online virtual services or in person care for your choice of convenience and safety.

Eco Friendly Care

We customize all herbal care services for you reducing our manufacturing and waste to protect our earth and all within from pollution.


Keep up with our latest news, services, and herbal care available to you.

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