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Fatum Healing Herbal Skincare

Custom Herbal Tooth Powder

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Now you can customize your personal care to take care of your personal beauty and wellness.

The custom herbal tooth powder is made with base ingredients of a mineral clay, sea salt, and baking soda.

All other herbal ingredients are added based on your skin energy analysis you'll begin after purchasing.

Your herbal tooth powder is 100% herbs and it 100% works to keep you mouth clean and fresh with strong teeth.

As a bonus you'll receive an herbal nutrition guide on tooth care.

Comes with directions for use. 2 oz glass jar only.

*more pics to come

Base ingredients used within the formulas of Fatum Healing Herbal Skincare are: 

100% Herbs

Mineral Clays

Plant Oils

Dried Fruits

Pure Hydrosols

Herbal Extracts


Essential Oils

Castile Soap

Baby Foam



Fermented plants

*All herbal care products are free of chemical preservatives, fillers, synthetics, additives, and carcinogens.

*If you have any allergies please make note when ordering or click here to schedule a skin energy analysis.

*You'll receive a full ingredients list of your formula printed on the packaging.

It is very easy to care for herbal skincare products! Here are some key points to help you enjoy your purchase:

*Please keep treatments from extreme heat, cold, moisture, water, and direct sunlight.  It should be stored in a dry cool place, room temperature approximately 75 degrees is best.

*Before each use shake your bottle or jar formulas to suspend ingredients and to remove any settling.

*All products remain potent (strong) unopened indefinitely. Once opened, liquids remain potent 12 to 36 months due to oxygen exposure and may dry out before 12 months. Dry formulas never expire unless damaged by moisture. Keep water out of your herbal care to maintain potency!

* It is recommended to use only 100% pure ingredients when using Fatum Healing Herbal Skincare. Our products are pure and your skin may react to chemicals found in other skincare brands when mixed.

You'll receive more in depth details with your package with detailed instructions for excellent results!

Next Level Herbal Beauty!